When Bella’s Parkinson’s diagnoses forced her to give up her work as a law lecturer, with four young children, she needed to find another means of income. She took all her savings, went to an auction and stuck them on a dilapidated 2 bedroomed cottage which she had seen for 5 minutes. She renovated it; filled it with furniture and art and then had a sale. And has been doing the same thing ever since. “Parkinson’s takes almost everything from you but it leaves a few things - it can make you obsessive and slightly reckless and is said to unleash creativity”. So I’m playing the hand I’ve been dealt. I’ve gone home to do something I love - it’s been a huge financial risk but - hell I’ve got Parkinson’s so I don’t care! And so far so good”. In November 2018 she opened her own shop - Bella’s Gone Home - at 200 Kensington Park Road - the road where she was born.

As a steadying hand, her husband Ian, also a lawyer came to join her and they now run the business together.

The ethos of the business is that we only sell the things we love and would have in our home. Our pieces are usually one-offs - sourced from all over the world - they are either recycled or if new, they are ethically sourced. We believe that a home should be filled with beautiful stuff that you can feel good about; should smell gorgeous and have great music. We can help with that - you just have to add the people.



020 7792 2844 or 07713 154 596

200 Kensington Park Road
London W11 1NR

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